Saturday, October 18, 2014

Wake Up with Aromatherapy Morning Shower.

Morning shower.I got this idea from the Aromahead in my inbox, and it's pretty amazing!!  Thanks to this brilliant idea and  recipe I am feeling great today at 6:00 this  morning. I always have trouble with waking up in the morning, but not after using this idea I feel total awake and ready to go!!! Going to try  this this idea with eucalyptus for my sinuses.  
After you get the hot water going, place 1 drop each of the following oils on the shower floor, in front of where you stand. The combination of the steam and the essential oil is invigorating and revitalizing!
Wake Me Up!
Of course, you can try any essential oil you love. Just add 1-3 drops total of essential oil to the shower floor and enjoy the aroma!
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