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Sensuality is essential to feeling good and a great way to connect with your partner. There are many ways to spice things up in a relationship, but an easy and delicious way is by using essential oils.  Using aphrodisiac oils in aromatherapy can enhance pleasure, and lend an erotic feeling to help boost your sexual energy. The beauty is that you can create luscious and tempting blends that tease the senses by using a few oils to create a sumptuous potion. You don’t have to be a perfumer to make your own blends for a night of sensual magic. Simply buy a few essential oils and mix into some sweet almond oil for a nice massage oil or perfume oil—then just pour into a glass jar to preserve it. You can even make a bewitching room spray by pouring a few drops into a spray bottle. Creating a love lair can be easy with candles, aromatherapy and some soft music. Soothe an uptight lover who is worried about work or other matters by simply being a temptress.
All you have to do is create a warm, relaxing atmosphere that seems to ignite sensuality. Here are some wonderful oils to mix together for a sweet and seductive evening that you use as a room spray, in the bath or a massage oil.

To unwind and truly relax you can breathe in the deep intoxicating scent of Ylang Ylang. This is a heady, sweet and erotic fragrance that stimulates feminine sensuality, euphoria and erotic moods. It is wonderful for helping the body to relax, great for reducing anxiety and for frigidity. Ylang Ylang helps you to unwind and open yourself up to sensual pleasures. It is a wonderful aphrodisiac. Orange essential oil is another favorite to help remove inhibitions and is an uplifting oil that lifts the mood and helps to stimulate optimism and playfulness, while creating warmth and pleasure in the body which stimulates sensuality and passion especially when mixed with Ylang Ylang oil. Mixing orange and Ylang Ylang together is a powerful combination for casting that magic spell of sensual and erotic ambiance.
Jasmine is a powerful floral fragrance, which is warm and exotic that deeply influences the emotional part of us. Jasmine is especially great for helping to dissolve away emotional blocks involving relationships and sex. Jasmine helps with reducing psychological tension, frigidity, coldness and fear, which helps bring a sense of euphoria. Under its influence both men and women open up to sensual love. Jasmine helps set the stage for experiencing warm love, trust and relaxes and helps to open the body and emotions.

For men— a few great oils to use are Sandalwood and Cedarwood which are woody and relaxing. Sandalwood is a good choice though as it’s spiritual, grounding and masculine smelling. Other oils which are seductive and considered aphrodisiac oils are clove, vanilla, cinnamon and ginger oils. Think cooking spices and how they smell when using them. Now imagine the scent of those spices in an oil—they are even more potent in creating a warm, luscious atmosphere that literally seduces your senses. Something interesting is that the smell of cinnamon can increase blood flow to the penis and can enhance sexual response and reduce stress—great for men suffering from low libido. Cinnamon stimulates, energizes and warms, reduces stress, lifts mood and warms and relaxes tight muscles. It’s great t to mix cinnamon and lavender together as men find this really arousing and sexual.

Here are a few sensual blends you can make yourself. Remember you can use oils in a room spray, bath or in a massage oil. You can buy the essential oils at most health food stores and you can usually find glass jars or bottles there. You can also buy carrier oils there. A carrier oil is used to mix essential oils into to dilute them a bit. A good oil to add essential oils into is sweet almond oil or jojoba. Never use oils without diluting into a carrier oil on your skin to be safe. You don’t have to dilute when putting in a bath or room spray, but if making a perfume or massage oil it’s best to dilute for skin safety.
Seductive Oil (this oil is a bit more feminine and floral)
8 drops Sandalwood essential oil
3 drops Orange essential oil
1 drop Ylang Ylang essential oil (no more than two drops it is very potent)
2 drops Jasmine essential oil
Pour the drops of essential oil into 1/4 cup (60ml) carrier oil such as sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil or jojoba oil

Alluring Oil (this oil is a bit more masculine and spicy)

8 drops Sandalwood oil

3 drops Clove essential oil

2 drops Ginger oil 

2 drops of Cinnamon

3 drops Vanilla

Experiment and see what your lover likes scent wise. Have fun and play with different scents, new blends and see what an erotic massage with sensual essential oils can do to boost your sexual side. Get ready for a seductive fun. FOR OILS HERE!

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